Refine your Cover

Are you a PhD student or early-career researcher experiencing difficulties writing successful cover letters for job applications?
Join the course to obtain:
  •  Clear insights into the actual purposes and functions of cover letters.
  • Understandings of the main differences between non-academic and academic cover letter writing. 
  • A set of principles and structure that you can follow to create excellent cover letters.
  • An opportunity to submit a cover letter and receive expert feedback.
  • Membership in our Facebook Group entitled "Refine your Cover Letter", where you can discuss the difficulties you are experiencing in cover letter writing.
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What's included?

Course contents

Meet the instructor

Dr Lilian Simones

Since 2017, I’ve been privileged to coach thousands of PhD students and Early Career Researchers from all walks of life, different countries and different disciplines.

My goal is to ensure that every one of my clients is future-ready and believes that future learning starts now and dares to be career-ready.
Patrick Jones - Course author
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