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The secret to becoming career ready lies in starting to consider your life after the PhD from the day you begin your PhD studies. To support you in the process, I created Future Ready Career, an online career development company based in Belfast. Future Ready Career is committed to continuously improving the career readiness of PhD graduates for life after their doctorates.

My story

I know first-hand how hard it can be to get a job after completing a PhD and I want to help you succeed! In the six years following the completion of my PhD, I have successfully established two businesses of my own, and I have worked full-time as a Researcher Development Consultant at Queen's University Belfast (QUB).

Such success did not materialise easily: two years after completing my PhD, despite applying to around 80 academic jobs in total, I was unsuccessful, either at the application or interview stage.

These were difficult times, and during such challenges, I realised that the skills I gained during my PhD were transferable to a wide range of other jobs, and began to conceive the business potential and the transformation journey I needed to embrace towards a career-ready, successful version of myself.

This led me to create a new company from scratch (Enact Music) and to apply for a professional academic support role at Queen's University Belfast.

At QUB, I have supported more than 4,000 PhD students and early career researchers, helping them to navigate the next steps in their chosen career paths. My work has received excellent reviews from students, culminating in my acceptance of a prestigious teaching award in 2020.

The success I achieved in my own career and the success of many PhD graduates and early career researchers who adopted my 'Dare To Be Career-Ready Methodology' led me to share it with you.

I understand how difficult it is to find reliable information on this topic online, as most resources focus on generalities rather than the specifics of applying for academic and non-academic positions.

That's why I have created custom-tailored interactive online courses that you can complete in your own time, as well as real-time, cohort based workshops (both online and delivered in person at universities), specific for those with a PhD or working towards one.

Take the first step towards transforming your future today and join me in daring to be career-ready!

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